Golf in Colorado is popular, with many great courses throughout the state. You cannot golf year-round, however in the Centennial State; that's where great indoor golf simulator establishments come in.

With an indoor simulator, you don't have to worry about adverse weather conditions (unless you want to add that in,) you have beverages right there, they can help improve your game, and they generally don't cost as much as a round at an actual course.

There are a lot of reasons to enjoy a golf simulator [bar,] and you can find one in Downtown Loveland.

The list of "things you can do in Downtown Loveland" grew by one in June of 2024, with the opening of TeeShots, on the west side of Cleveland Avenue between 3rd and 2nd Streets at 209 North Cleveland.

You're going to be surprised at how much they've packed into a small place that you've probably never even noticed.

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As you walk in, their horseshoe bar invites you to have a seat. There are plenty of TVs around the bar for watching sports (like golf,) and the bar is well stocked with a great selection of beers and a full bar for cocktails.

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Of course, it's about shooting some golf. They have four bays set up, two that use state-of-the-art simulator programming "Trackman," and two that use a system just a step below, "Foresight."

  • Trackman: Over 300 courses, advanced shot and swing data, tour performance equipment. This is for the more experienced golfers, starting at $55/hour for a bay (up to 4-6 golfers,) not per person.
  • Foresight: For casual golfers, with different levels and kid-friendly games like "golf bowling." $40/hour for a bay, not per person.

TeeShots plans to upgrade the two Foresight systems to Trackman as soon as possible, as well as install front and back patios in the upcoming months.

Indoor Golf Simulator in Loveland

You cannot golf year-round in Colorado; that's where great indoor golf simulator establishments come in.

Gallery Credit: Dave Jensen

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