There are a whole lot of reasons to want to stay in Aspen- The views, the luxury, the celebrity sitings, etc. But when you hear about this dog, you REALLY want to go!

The next chance you get the money to stay up in Aspen, you have to stay at the St. Regis Hotel and Resort. They have a TON of $$$ luxuries- how about a butler? That says it all, right?

And NOW? The Animal Rescue Site has the story on how that hotel has taken on a 'mascot' if you will- a Bernese Mountain Dog! OH!, So cute!

She has the name based on the man who started the hotel - John Jacob Astor IV: Kitty Jacob Astor IV! 

According to the site, this is the first time that the fancy hotel/resort has had a dog 'in residence.' I think it's a great move. What makes you feel more at home than a dog?

Bernese Mountain Dog
Getty Images/iStockphoto

They note that Kitty will even (I'm guessing if you pay enough) come to your room and tuck you in at night. Awwwww......  I wanna go!

I did a little checking. It looks like rooms go for about $650 per night! Per YOW!

Get more on Kitty Jacob Astor IV - including adorable pictures, from

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