Burgers are burgers, for the most part, right? Meat, bun, done. This new burger joint in Fort Collins is putting a new spin on them. No, it's not tofu.

Burgers. Most everybody loves a good burger. 'Slap some cheese on that sucker, please, sir!'

You've had all sorts, here in Northern Colorado. This place will definitely bring something new to the food genre.

Forget flame broiled, forget fried.

You are about to embark on a STEAM adventure.

Steamed burgers.

Steamies, is the place.

They've been open in Telluride for a while now, and have decided to open a second location, coming soon, in the Choice City, within The Exchange.

According to their site, the way that they are doing this is not only infusing flavor to the burgers, but getting rid of most of the oils, fats, and bioproducts.  A healthier burger. AND cheap-- they start at only $4.35.

Worth a shot, right? At the very least, you can walk away and say that you ate a Steamie. What the what?

Dave Jensen, TSM
Dave Jensen, TSM

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