After her double mastectomy, Jen Willard, founder of nonprofit JWILL Pink Village Inc., was given a heart shaped pillow by her nurse.

At first, Willard was confused, but then realized it was designed to cushion her chest from the seat belt as she drove back and forth from her many doctors appointments.

She was so touched by the kind gesture at such a difficult time in her life that she turned to Facebook. Willard asked people to make heart shaped pillows and her nonprofit, JWILL Pink Village Inc., took off.

October is breast cancer awareness month and marks her organization's one-year anniversary. She celebrated the occasion by making her seventh hospital donation of heart pillows.

“So, it’s to protect someone who just had a mastectomy from, like, the seat belt when you’re driving, or if someone had chemo, sometimes the port for chemo is sensitive, so women can use it between the seatbelt and their chest when they drive,” said Willard, who lives in Superior. “Or, I’ve had some nurses tell patients to hug it as they have to get up, because you have to use those core muscles.”

According to Times-Call, volunteers can ask for the pattern through JWILL Pink Village’s Facebook Page. Simply ship the pillow shells to Willard, who stuffs and attaches a personal note to each one.


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