Plenty of people have replied to my post about my son seeing spirits.

I'm not the only one whose child seems to be in touch with something in the room that the parent can't see. Here's what a few of my friends said.

Alice, a close friend through childhood and Facebook friend replied with this.

Paul, mine did the same. It was so obvious she was seeing things we weren't, although always, always, positive - we were lucky. She would smile and coo often up at the ceiling, but like an ancestor or guide was smiling and playing with her, sometimes just over our shoulders. It was so...interesting for so many months I even checked in with my doula about it, and then, Keith turned around one day and actually welcomed one by saying hello. And that's when I said no, don't! Only because I've read up on this....and if it was just ancestors, angels, guides...fine. BUT. I couldn't be sure. And you are not supposed to talk to earthbound spirits, it invites them. And even if they aren't evil, they are not good for human health. As soon as I told Keith no...all her interactions stopped. So I'm not really sure what was happening. It was also at 6 months, where their window can begin to taper to that world, so may have just been that.

Another friend and colleague from right here in Fort Collins emailed me with this. I've kept her anonymous, and changed the names of her kids.

How are you?! I just read your post about Huck and angels and demons. You and I share a lot of similar beliefs. I’m certain Mackenzie (changed name) saw them too (though I always assumed they were angels as the energy was peaceful.) and I’ve watched Billy (changed name) at age 2 wave to smile and spirits. Have you asked your psychic healer about who he’s seeing? Kids typically can see things up to about age 7, then that ability tends to fade (but not for everyone). Some kids have vivid past life memories. It's pretty incredible. He looks like an old soul. I'm guessing this isn't his first trip around the sun.
Did I not tell you having a baby would rock your world? ;) It really does get easier. The first year or two are the hardest (and incredibly joyful), then it just gets easier, bit by bit. They become even more of who they are, they interact, they have more language ability (though I think when you're in tune, babies communicate well from day 1), they grow, you both will too.
I've really enjoyed "meeting" Huck on FB and watching you and Sarah's journey. It sounds like you've had a challenging start (energetically, has your healer worked on the birth trauma for all of you?) - remember to breathe through the challenges and that it's all temporary, even though it can seem like an eternity at times.
Enjoy the late night feedings as they'll disappear one day without notice. There's nothing like the quiet that comes when it's just you and your little one in the middle of the night. Change is the theme with little ones. Just when you master one phase, they're off to the next and you're left trying to catch up. Let him lead you both, remember that there's no such thing as "right" or "perfect". The more authentic you are, the more he'll grow into a true reality. Don't let the advice that comes with being a new parent inundate your world. You and Sarah already know him better than anyone on the planet. You're already amazing parents. You know how to love Huck and you both clearly do so well.
Kayla, a listener, replied to TRI102.5's Facebook page.
I have. My neighbors son passed away about 7 months ago and my daughter and he were best friends (he was just under 2 when he passed). One night shortly after he passed she was up in her room for bed for the night and we could hear her giggling and playing. I walked in her room, laid her back down and said "okay_____ we miss you and love you but you have to let her sleep... you can visit any time but right now she needs her rest". And she fell right to sleep after that. I swear he was playing with her. We miss him so much.
Thanks for reading my post and for commenting. If you have anything more to share, please do! This is a very fun topic and it is interesting to hear what you have to say.

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