They were scheduled for April 23, but due to Lionel having knee surgery, he and Mariah Carey had to postpone a few shows. The new date is August 29, and I want you to go, because I know for a fact, that Lionel Richie puts on a great show!

Lionel Richie
Theo Wargo, Getty Images

They never really said exactly what Lionel Richie had done to his knee, that he had to recuperate, they just said they were postponing a few shows that he and Mariah Carey were scheduled to do out on their ‘All The Hits!’ tour. One of those postponed shows was the Pepsi Center in April. Tickets for that show will now be accepted at the new date- Tuesday, August 29, 2017.

I honestly have no idea how Mariah Carey will do, but you have to admit: You’re curious, just like me. To have her coming to Denver is great. There’s no question that she has a great voice, but it’s DENVER. Will her skills stand up to the altitude?

Lionel Richie, I have seen. He was at Red Rocks a couple of summers ago, and I loved that show. He sings all the songs- from The Commodores through his huge solo career. I won’t give away the encore, but he came out and sang this one song that he co-wrote, and it gave me goosebumps. Seriously.

What I will give as a spoiler, because it’s just so cool, is this one bit he does. He does a medley of a few songs, saying something like ‘Who did you turn to when your heart was broken? Lionel Richie!’

Take a look – you’ll really want to see it live!

Get your tickets for the August 29 show HERE!

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