This time of year in Northern Colorado it's all about switching from heating to cooling, and it can quickly overburden HVAC systems and our wallets.

The experts over at Lion Home Service can help you save money with a programmable thermostat. Also, consider cleaning your air ducts so your Air Conditioner isn't blowing around all that dust and debris from winter.

Summer is approaching and we know it'll get hot. If you're thinking about ways to efficiently blow some cool air around your home, Lion Home Service can help by serving your A/C, installing a new one or check out the Quiet Cool Whole House Fan they can get you.

Current Lion Home Service Specials:

  • $100 Off Quiet Cool Whole House Fan
  • $49 AC/or Furnace Check-Up
  • $25 OFF AC/or Furnace Repair
  • $25 OFF Any Service with Repair over $50
  • $25 OFF Septic Pumping