The kids are back in school and you're busy with work, these life hacks for the kitchen will help you save money and time.

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Life Hacks for the Kitchen Save Money and Time

  • Maybe you've heard this one, but as a reminder, place grape or cherry tomatoes between two plastic container lids to cut in half. You can cut a bunch at one time
  • This is one that makes you say, why didn't I ever think of that. When serving ice cream, dip the container up to the lid in hot water for about 20 seconds and then put on a plate and use a knife to cut the ice cream for serving, goodbye scoop
  • Superman not home yet? Use a bottle opener to pop the seal on a tight jar lid then twist off like normal
  • Next time you make cookies, while you have everything out, make an extra batch, roll into balls and freeze for late night/easy anytime fresh from the oven cookies
  • Didn't quite use the whole can or box of broth or bottle of wine? Pour the leftovers into an ice tray, this way it won't spoil and you can plop the cubes into your dishes anytime a recipe calls for it or you're looking to add instant flavor
  • It's pretty well known that if you put citrus in your avocado dishes like guacamole it won't turn brown as quickly if you have not squeeze a lime or lemon over it, but have you heard of this, top the bowl of avocados/guacamole with water, it will stay afloat on top and keep the avocados from turning brown
  • Dice your mango's with ease, without peeling them, cut them in half and dice them like you have learned to do with avocados, then remove the skin
  • Most people don't use a lot of mayonnaise in the fall and winter, less potato salad to make and pasta salad and and and... so you have a holiday cake that you want to make, and it is calling for mayonnaise, yep there are some that do.. mix an egg with a cup of oil using an immersion blender, some people call it a stick blender, mix until you have mayonnaise. (and yes, that's why its so fattening) :)

Hopefully this list helps you save time and money in the kitchen.