Of course, it didn't make sense, that kids would get in trouble for operating a 'small business,' such as a lemonade stand. Not just lemonade stands, either.

After signing the new bill into law, Governor Polis made it so that local governments are no longer allowed to require that kids under the age of 18 obtain a small business license for a lemonade stand or other similar operations.  Ridiculous, right?

The Denver Post has the story on how this all started with two kids in the Stapleton area of Denver who had their lemonade stand shut down last summer. Boooo..

With the new law, the two kids are now ready for this season's stand - where, according to the Post, they'll even sell paper airplanes. Very cool.

So kids, get out to the front sidewalk, the driveway, the yard... and make some money.

Find out more on the new legislation, and what kind of fruit stand Govern Polis himself once had as a kid, from The Denver Post HERE.

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