It should only take one day for crews to change a ‘through or left turn’ lane into a ‘left turn only’ lane, in the middle of town.

Cleveland Turn
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Southbound Cleveland (aka Highway 287) at Eisenhower (aka Highway 34) in Loveland can get pretty congested- especially for drivers wanting to go east on Eisenhower. A lot of times, you come around that corner by Taco John’s and it’s ‘Whoah, we are backed up to HERE?’

On Thursday, November 2, 2017, the city will be making that far left lane a ‘left turn only’ lane at Eisenhower. This way, drivers who want to continue south on Cleveland will need to move over to one of the two other lanes that head further into downtown, easing the congestion for drivers who want to head east at the light, to go to Farmers Market or out to the interstate.

Since the lane already exists, they’ll just need to shut the lane down (during off-peak hours) to paint an arrow. Since there is no cross-traffic (from northbound cars) at the intersection, there shouldn’t be a need for an arrow on the traffic signal.

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