Imagine leaving your car with the valet, only to have your car stolen. Add to that, the perpetrators burglarizing your house because your information was in the car.

IThe thefts happened in February of 2019 that thieves stole over $230,000 worth of vehicles, but it's now that the lawsuit is being filed. CBS4 has the story of how four of the car owners have filed suit against the Westin Westminster.

The two who committed the crime, apparently just walked into the hotel opened up the unlocked valet compartment holding guests' keys and began stealing the cars.

It was after the car-stealing spree that they used information that was in one of the cars to go to that guest's home and burglarize it. The two were arrested at that scene and are serving sentences.

I can't imagine staying the night at a hotel and finding out in the morning that my car was gone. Though, it does sound like something that would happen to me.

Get more the crime and the lawsuit from CBS4 HERE.

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