Larimer County's new building in Loveland is something to see. These two new sculptures say 'Yes, you are in Loveland, have a great day.'

Larimer County has a new Loveland campus - not just a building- a CAMPUS, at the corner of Denver and Avenue and First Street. Technically the address is 200 Peridot Avenue; a brand new building on a brand new street.

Being that the building/campus resides in Loveland, it would be almost silly to NOT have at least one sculpture on the property. Seems that they'll start with two. I imagine they'll have at least a few more around the campus in the end.

The two that they've installed are all about Loveland. One depicts two people joining hands to make a classic Loveland heart. The other, is a bronze depiction of early Thompson Valley settler-founder Mariano Medina, along with his daughter.

The medina bronze is called 'Mariano and His Princess Namaqua' was done by artist Jane Dedecker who also created the heart sculpture- 'My Heart is in Your Hands' which she originally made for the cardiovascular center at the University of Michigan.

Those are just two items of note when it comes to how the building and campus celebrate not just Loveland but all of Larimer County. The Reporter-Herald has the full story HERE.


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