Even though Katy Perry's first marriage ended in divorce after only 14 months, the singer's relationship with reformed Lothario John Mayer is going so well (despite that hiccup this past spring), that sources say it's pretty certain that they will get engaged.

"It's inevitable," an insider told E!, noting that the relationship is "very serious," with their friends and family expecting Mayer to ask Perry for her hand in marriage. Not only are they waiting for it but they want it!

"Everyone wants them to get engaged," the source said. "They are so perfect together."

Yeah, we get that. Perry has been gushing about Mayer left and right in all of her recent mag covers. And while she did the same when she married Russell Brand, we get the sense that Katy is cray cray about J. Mayer.

We're glad to see that Katy Perry isn't sour about love after Brand dumped her and walked out of their marriage via text. She may have been depressed, but she has moved on. Good for her!

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