Being a working mother of three, I'll take boosted energy in most forms available.

While I typically settle for another cup of caffeine, there's a new treatment I've been hearing about that could make huge difference.

Both male and female friends have recommended Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy from Loveland's Nu-Reflections Medspa.

The natural therapy treatment uniquely inserts hormone pellets about the size of a grain of rice into your skin. Before you scream "ouch," know that the treatment is painless and requires no stitches — an anesthetic is applied and only a tiny skin incision is made.

The treatment is meant to balance out a person's hormones. That's something we all could use.

Friends have raved that it increases energy, strength and has even helped them with weight loss. The scientific process leads to better moods, memory and mental clarity. The hormone treatment has also been known to help restore libido — wink, wink.

My friends who have recommended the treatment rave that they feel younger and happier. And the energy boost is all done in a much more fulfilling way than downing caffeine to get through every day.