Shoveling snow isn’t all THAT bad, especially when it helps out a neighbor who can’t do it themselves. So, why not volunteer on Loveland’s ‘Snow Squad?’

Shoveling Snow

Loveland residents: There is probably at least one person near where you live who could use someone to shovel their walks because they’re physically unable but can’t afford to hire someone. That’s where you can put your coat on and step in! Join Loveland’s ‘Snow Squad’ as a volunteer, and they’ll set you up folks in your area- as many as you’d like to help!

If it snows more than two inches- BAM! You’re on! Get to helping! You just need to shovel the sidewalks and make a path to the door! You are not required to take care of the driveway; but if you can, even better!  The commitment is for the entire snow season, so why not sign up with a friend- you can cover each other while you go on your vacations. The more squad members, the merrier!

Get more information on signing up HERE!

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