Brah. This man from New Jersey got a wild hair and took a fun little adventure to the extreme by surfing every state in the nation. Where did he 'Benny' in Colorado?

Ben Gravy recently completed his mission that he started in 2016, of surfing in all 50 states. First thing I thought, was 'That guy certainly has a LOT of time on his hands.' Second thing I thought: 'Where did he surf in Colorado?'

He had one rule about what he'd be surfing in each state: It had to be something that ANYBODY could surf if they wanted. As in, no man-made waves- like behind a boat.

I got to thinking that maybe a lake on a windy day would be the spot. Nope. A river. Of course, a river; think it through, Dave.

The Colorado River near Glenwood Springs was the spot.

*NOTE: This video contains a LOT of foul language. The brah is from Jersey, you know.


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