A lot has changed since the state of Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, and the number of cities and towns in the state that allow it to be sold within city limits seems to be steadily rising.

One small Colorado town will be deciding whether or not to jump on the bandwagon in the very near future and already has plans regarding what the extra tax revenue that will come with legalization will be used for.

Olathe Colorado is the Corn Capitol of the State

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The town of Olathe, Colorado is a small community on the state's western slope with just over 2,000 residents. However, despite being so small, Olathe is widely known for producing its namesake sweet corn and the Olathe Sweet Corn Festival has attracted droves of visitors as well as top-notch musical acts each summer since 1992.

Olathe Colorado Needs More Tax Revenue

Despite having a popular festival as well as a highly-regarded BMX group, Olathe is in serious need of additional tax revenue. Currently, Olathe is struggling to keep police officers employed due to low wages and is also in need of upgrades to infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, and intersections.

Will Legal Marijuana Save Olathe Colorado?

While Olathe originally voted to prohibit marijuana sales back in 2013, residents of the town will be voting on two measures on November 7th that would see medical and recreational sales of cannabis legalized within city limits.

Measure 2B would enact a sales tax on marijuana products, while Measure 2C would effectively legalize the sale of medical and recreational marijuana products beginning on January 1, 2024.

The town voted unanimously to put these measures on the next ballot back in August and if they pass, the additional tax revenue will be used to increase the wages of police officers and make improvements to various infrastructure projects.

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