One of the most magnificent and intriguing places in all of North America is one of the four National Parks in Colorado, an amazing place known as Mesa Verde.

The site is home to the nation's best-preserved ancient cliff dwellings which are said to date back as many as 10,000 years. Mesa Verde's 52,000 acres became recognized as a National Park by then-United States President Theodore Roosevelt in 1906 and has been studied by archaeologists for centuries.

However, despite being a thoroughly studied ancient site, a group of archaeologists recently made a huge discovery for the first time in modern times.

Archaeologists Discover More Ancient Art at Colorado's Mesa Verde

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A group of archaeologists from Krakow, Poland found something amazing at the Castle Rock Pueblo settlement complex, a large plateau near the Utah border.

What they found were massive stones that stretched along the plateau, covered in petroglyphs believed to date back to the 3rd Century A.D. The petroglyphs depicted things like warriors, shamans, and other Native American religious imagery.

In addition, the scientists discovered spirals carved into the stones which were allegedly used by the Pueblo Native Americans to track the seasons and things like constellations.

While the petroglyphs are said to date back to the 3rd Century, the archaeologists believe the religious artwork to date back to the 13th Century A.D., adding that until this discovery, the number of inhabitants to the area was underestimated.

Because of this new, remarkable discovery, researchers plan to conduct more searches of the Mesa Verde sites in this particular area near the Utah border.

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