Over the past few months, Colorado has been hit with an insane amount of scams.

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One of them involves a technique called smishing, which is where a scammer sends a deceptive text as a way of forcing people to surrender personal information. The USPS actually warned people about smishing attempts tied to their package deliveries.

Not to mention, there was a scam that involved Chase Bank that hit Coloradans just a few days ago. 

This begs the question: Are Coloradans more susceptible to scams?

According to a new study, the answer is a solid yes. 

Colorado Ranks as One of the Top 15 Most Scammed States


According to an article by Forbes, Colorado is one of the most scammed places in the country, coming in at 15th. 

There are 245 scams per 100,000 residents in our state, which is just brutal. 

It had an overall ranking index of 72.80, which is well above the median. 

In general, major of them were imposter scams, which made up 37.6% of all scams in the state. 

The second most common scam was online shopping, which made up 15.2% of all scams in the state. 

How Much Money Has Colorado Lost From Scammers?


According to the Denver Post, the total amount of money lost by Coloradans due to scams in 2023 alone is a whopping $187.6 million.

The total amount of money lost in 2023 was a 22% jump from 2022, where Coloradans lost $178.3 million. 

They also noted that 11,475 people in the state were victims of these crimes.

According to them, investment fraud was the most significant driver for lost funds for Coloradans, accounting for $60 million. They cite cryptocurrency scams as a huge contributor for inflating that number. 

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