There’s been a bit of an uptick in road closures here in Colorado, and not just because of construction, but for safety reasons. 

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Just this week, there were road closures in Eagle County and Denver due to sinkholes forming on the roads.

In Eagle, the sinkhole closed a 10 mile stretch of I-70. It was also measured at 20 feet long, 13 feet wide, and 8 feet deep. 

In Denver, the sinkhole formed right in the middle of the road, and was large enough to fit a shopping cart inside. 

However, there’s been yet another road closure in Colorado that is affecting people who are driving down US 50. 

Blue Mesa Bridge in Gunnison County Closed Due to Cracks Forming in its Structure

The Colorado Department of Transportation has had to close down yet another road this week, with this one being US 50 out in Gunnison County. 

The closure was largely due in part at the request of the Federal Highway Administration. 

It was found that the bridge is showing evidence of cracking, and is partially structurally compromised. Upon hearing of the first inspection, CDOT requested a second investigation from the state. They also found evidence of cracking as well. 

The stretch of highway that will be closed will be 7 miles, between Mile Point 131 and 138. The closure takes place between Montrose and Gunnison.

What Are Some Alternative Routes I Can Take? 

Google Maps
Google Maps

CDOT noted that the closure of the Blue Mesa Bridge will create a major detour for people trying to get between Montrose and Gunnison.

CDOT recommends going through I-70 to the north or taking US 160 to the south. This will create an almost 6 hour detour between the neighboring towns, which used to be connected conveniently by the bridge. 

CDOT says they are looking into getting both temporary and permanent fixes done as quickly as possible, acknowledging the headaches it is about to cause drivers from these towns. 

At the moment, there is not a time estimate as to when the bridge will be fixed.

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