There's just something about the sound of falling water that relaxes a soul.

Coloradans know where all the hidden waterfalls are and love to spend our spare time enjoying the sights and sounds of our local treasures.

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If you haven't been to Rifle Falls State Park lately, you might not remember the beauty the state park has to offer. I'm here to tell you that you really need to make another visit --or first visit if you've never been-- to Rifle, Colo. to bask in all its glory.

What Can You Do At Rifle Falls in Colorado?

The most important thing is the 70-foot-tall travertine of falling water. On a hot day, you'll thank the fine mist hitting your face providing a natural cooling effect.

You'll be welcomed by the falls which are a short 50 yards from the parking lot.

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Spend time exploring the falls on the trails that weave around and up the falls and surrounding areas.

If one day of exploring isn't enough for you, the state park offers camping for both RVs and tents. Imagine exploring the falls at night under Colorado's starlit sky. 😍

There are hiking trails surrounding the park, and fishing in East Rifle Creek, you can even take your puppers as long as they're on a leash and you clean up after them.

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How Do You Get to Rifle Falls?

Whether you're coming from the east or west, you'll take I-70 to exit 80, the Rifle exit. From there, you'll head north on CO-13 for about 14 miles until you reach the state park entrance.

It's easy to find, but a definite hidden treasure for some.

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