Last week, we got on the topic of unique features in Western Colorado, and listener Ellen brought up "Question Mark Hill." Colorado has several curvy roads that wind all over, but how many can say theirs is shaped like a question mark (see above)?

We wanted to come back to "Question Mark Hill" because a few people reached out to ask where it is in town. It's easy to find, but there is an important reason we all drive over this stretch of road very carefully.

Question Mark Hill in Grand Junction
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Where is Question Mark Hill in Grand Junction?

Colorado National Monument
TSM GJ W Adams

Question Mark Hill is located in the Redlands off Colorado State Highway 340. You can see the hill off in the distance from the Fruita entrance of the Colorado National Monument. You can drive, bike, jog, or walk over Question Mark Hill in both directions on CO 340. The ride down the hill is a bit steeper going west. Just make sure you drive both directions while obeying the speed limit.

Back in the day, there was also a Question Mark Hill in Grand Junction. Residents used this name for a hill near the intersection of Wellington Avenue and N. 17th Streets. These streets no longer intersect.

Grand Junction's Worst Speed Trap?

Question Mark Hill / Colorado 340

Colorado 340 is one of the worst speed traps in Mesa County, so do not speed down either side of this hill. While traveling West towards Fruita, 340 will reduce speed to 45 mph as you climb up Question Mark Hill near Monument Canyon (Colorado National Monument). You know you are off the hill when the speed limit rises to 55 mph.

What's at the Top of Question Mark Hill in Grand Junction?

Colorado 340 in the Redlands.

To some, this house may look familiar. This home sits at the crest of Question Mark Hill in the Redlands and is just steps away from nearby parking areas. That's because Question Mark Hill is also the location of the parking area for the hike to Independence Monument.

attachment-TSM GJ W Adams QMH 5

Question Mark Hill and Colorado 340 are part of the Grand Valley that features several parking areas with access to fun outdoor activities along the highway. Please drive safely along this road and through the school zones.

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