What's a brand that Colorado considers trustworthy? When we asked you this on social media and our station app, popular answers included Wrangler, Smith and Wesson, Hidden Valley Ranch, Kraft Mac N Cheese, and lots more.

Clarify Capital recently surveyed 1000 Americans across all age groups asking which retail and restaurant brands people trust most. Chainstoreage.com published the results and we're happy to learn America's most trusted chain restaurant has 107 Colorado locations.

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Least Trusted Restaurant Chain

According to the results from Clarify, 20% of those surveyed in the fall of 2022 named Panera Bread as their least trusted restaurant chain. Panera has 41 locations in the Centennial State. 18% of those surveyed answered with Sonic Drive-In as their least trusted chain. Sonic has about 80 locations in Colorado.

Most Trustworthy Restaurant Chain

Clarify reports that 40% of those surveyed named Pizza Hut as America's most trustworthy chain restaurant. Colorado is home to 107 Pizza Hut locations. 39% said KFC was their most trustworthy chain, 37% said McDonalds.

Most Trusted Consumer Retail

Trusted retail brands mentioned by those surveyed as most trusted included Amazon, Walmart, American Express, Apple, Google, Netflicks, and CVS Health. Baby boomers named Chipotle their least trusted chain restaurant when separated by age group. Gen X said their least trustworthy brand was Aflac Insurance. Millennials don't trust Oracle, and Gen Z named Charter Communications

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