It's pretty remarkable how many homes are still standing in Colorado that are more than 100 years old. There are several in the Grand Junction area you can see here.

Some of the really old homes in Colorado can be found in the Denver area as well as near some of the gold and silver mining communities such as Leadville. Today we're going to check out one of the oldest homes in Leadville, and I think you'll be surprised how new this home looks.

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141-Year-Old Home in Leadville

119 E. 8th Street in Leadville is a 141-year-old Queen Ann Victorian home that has been completly restored for 2023. The main level of this home rocks some serious purple carpeting, and the hardwood floors and beams all look brand new. I've never seen a home this old looking this good. See for yourself by scrolling through the photos below.

119 E. 8th Street

119 E. 8th Street in Leadville
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The house is located 1 block off of Harrison Avenue which is the main route through Leadville. You'll be close to shopping, and restaurants, and you'll have a great view of all the events that come through town from this location.

It Even Comes With A Guest Cottage

Behind the main house is a guest cottage with a kitchen, wood-burning stove, and a loft-space bedroom above the living room. This cottage can be used for guests or you can rent it out for some extra income.

Check out the photos below and tell us your favorite feature inside this historic property in Leadville.

141-Year-Old Home In Leadville, Colorado Home Is Rocking Purple Floors

This Queen Ann Victoria home in Leadville is the best 141-year-old house I have ever seen. It almost looks like it was just built last week. Restored and upgraded with some of the coolest purple carpeting you'll ever see, it even comes with a guest cottage in the backyard. Let's take a look inside.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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