I'll be the first to admit that Colorado's discount stores similar to Dollar General or Dollar Tree have come in handy for me more than once. I'm not a fan of running into a big box store for just 1 or 2 items, so the grab-and-go essentials found here can be pretty convenient.

That being said, there are a handful of items I know are better found elsewhere in Colorado. According to the personal finance folks at Kiplinger.com, there are 17 items you don't want to buy at a dollar store.

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Avoid Snacks and Perishable Food

The advisors at Kiplinger.com suggest that perishable foods and non-perishable foods may not be as fresh as you would like them to be at stores like this. They also can be more expensive when you compare the cost and volume of the product to ones at other stores.

Remember Your Colorado Pharmacy

Things like vitamins and wellness products are often found overpriced at discount stores. Vitamins and supplements are not regulated like other medications, so there is no telling how long they have been on the shelf. If you need to buy them here, look for a label from USP or NSF International for a safer, fresher product. Your local pharmacy or nutrition store may offer a better product and price.

Do This At Dollar Stores Instead

What about some things you can always buy at a dollar store? How about greeting cards, party supplies, gift bags, picnic supplies, tablecloths, plastic forks and knives, drinkware, or picture frames? What are some items you specifically get at discount dollar stores? Open our station app and let us know and we will pass on your suggestions to the audience.

Keep going to learn more about seventeen items you should never buy at a discount dollar store in Colorado.

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