Colorado is home to haunted mansions, haunted mountains, haunted caves, haunted rivers, haunted roads, and almost everything else you can think of. The haunted mansions and hotels are probably my favorite.

What came first? The haunting or the creepy vibes? In most cases, the locations with the worst reputations are incredible places to explore just because many of them have been here since the 1800s.

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Colorado's Historic Haunted Mansions

Almost every one of the haunted mansions in the photo gallery below was built before 1900. Many of them had normal beginnings. Fatal accidents, murder, and suicide would eventually turn these majestic properties into places that now offer haunted tours in the fall and historic tours the rest of the year.

Colorado's Largest Haunted Mansion

At over 14,000 square feet the famous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park is probably the largest of all the haunted mansions and hotels in the state of Colorado. One of the first signs of trouble in the Stanley Hotel was a gas leak that caused an explosion in the 1920s which destroyed a portion of the second floor.

Ghost Tours and Historic Tours

Many of the haunted mansions and hotels in the gallery below are available for tours. Some tours are historic while others focus only on ghost stories. Keep going to learn more about 10 of Colorado's coolest haunted mansions and hotels. Some of them still let you spend the night if you dare.

Explore 10 of Colorado’s Most Haunted Mansions & Hotels

Some of Colorado's oldest mansions and hotels are also some of the most haunted destinations in the Centennial State. Scroll on to check out 10 of Colorado's haunted mansions and hotels and to learn more about the ghosts that haunt them today.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

LOOK: 5 Haunted Places in Colorado You Must Avoid At All Costs

There are a number of haunted locations in Colorado you dare not visit. Oddly, one is a popular tourist attraction, and another is a five-star hotel. Regardless, unless encounters with the dead are your cup of tea, these Colorado locations should be avoided.

The gallery below includes information and maps regarding five well-known places in Colorado known to experience paranormal events. The popular Youtube channel Top 5 Scary Videos offers a list of haunted Colorado locations you want to steer clear of, or go out of your way to visit if you enjoy the paranormal.

Gallery Credit: Waylon Jordan

MORE: Haunted Places Around Western Colorado

As we head into the fall and enjoy the area's hayrides and pumpkin patches, many Colorado ghost tours will be showing off some of the most haunted locations in our state. Scroll on to learn about some haunted Grand Junction locations along with some of the most popular haunted spots in all of Colorado.

Gallery Credit: Wes Adams

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