Thankfully, with all the scenery in Colorado, several hiking trails allow you to take it all in without taking it all out of you. We're checking out ten trails with beautiful views that are pretty easy to find and finish.

We've picked a few popular spots but we've also included trails that the tourists don't know about so you won't have to wait behind them. Score!

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Easy-to-Follow Hikes with Beautiful Views

Is a hike really a hike if you do not break a sweat? We're talking about hiking in Colorado where almost every trail has a beautiful payoff. To keep things easy, most of the hikes below are pretty tame. The moderate ones just give you more chances to stop and enjoy the view while catching your breath. These are all well-traveled trails that won't have you wishing for navigation or a sat phone.

Western Slope and Front Range

It's hard to talk about beautiful hikes in Colorado without including Rocky Mountain National Park. The same goes for the Colorado National Monument and the Grand Mesa. Keep going to check out a waterfall hike in Ouray, and trip to the top of a glacier in Idaho Springs.

Nominate Your Favorite Easy Hike in Colorado

Do you have a favorite hike in Colorado that is under 5 miles round trip with an easy to moderate rating? Tell us about your favorite trail. Open our station app and tell us the name of the trail, where it is in Colorado,  and what you love about it, and we could feature your hike right here.

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