From Las Colonias Amphitheatre in Grand Junction to Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado is the place to see an outdoor concert or festival. I caution friends who visit that once they attend a show in Colorado, they'll go home and be bored to tears with their venue.

Regardless of where you live, people go to a concert to have a good time. Certain behaviors at crowded concerts result in the opposite of a good time. We asked you to tell us your biggest concert pet peeves based on things you've seen with your own eyes.

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What is the Craziest Behavior You've Seen at a Concert?

I'll go first. Unnecessary air guitarists. This was at a Brit Floyd concert at Red Rocks. Anytime a guitar solo started, several people would stand up and deliver an "air guitar" version of the solo being played. It quickly became uber annoying.

I've seen naked people at shows, people with giant hats blocking everyone's view, people who can't stay in their seats for 5 minutes without making you get up, and even seen people break up at a concert.

Fighting at Concerts

It was nice to see that fighting at a concert was not brought up during this round. Of all the places nobody wants to see a fight, it is at a show. Concerts are for good vibes, and artists nowadays are not having it when people lose their cool. Cody Johnson recently stopped some fans from fighting during one of his concerts and told both individuals they'd have to fight him if they didn't stop. Very Rip-like (Yellowstone).

Colorado's Most-Mentioned Concert Pet Peeves

Believe it or not, two of the most mentioned concert pet peeves are simply people talking through an entire concert with their friends and those who refuse to sit down so that others behind them have a clear view of the stage and the band.

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Things You Should Never Do While at a Concert in Colorado

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