What are some annoying things Coloradans say when they learn what you do for a living? Is there a comment you hear most? Is there a question people always seem to ask once they know what you do?

You say, "I'm a librarian." They say, "Oh, my grandmother was a librarian." You say, " I work in finance." They say, "Got any insider stock tips?" You say, "I work from home." They respond with, "Oh, Can you fix my computer?" You say, "I'm a database developer." They say, "I have an app idea." You get the idea.

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Annoying Questions About Work

When people in Grand Junction, Colorado, discover what you do for a living, what annoying questions do they ask you about your job? Find out what some of our favorite stores in the area had to say about questions people ask, and find out the annoying questions people ask pet groomers, cleaning staff, cooks, caterers, and farmers in Western Colorado.

Are You Guys Open?

The one question I've heard the most when answering the phone at a radio station for 26+ years is, "Hi, are you guys open?" It always makes me chuckle a little and by 'open' they usually mean make a request. The radio station and app are always open.

Why Aren't You Open More?

If a customer asks a weird question about your hours, they'll probably really like your store and want to try to shop before others do. Will with Psycho Pig Bar-B-Que told us people ask him why it isn't open more days of the week. A brisket takes 12-14 hours to cook, folks. It must be good if they keep selling out.

Check out some of the silly questions you told us people asked when they found out what you do for a living in the gallery below.

What Annoying Questions Do Coloradans Ask You About Your Job?

When you meet someone new small talk may lead to discussing your occupation. When someone finds out what you do for a living, what's an annoying question they always ask about your job?

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