As if sports weren't stressful enough without worrying about the referees causing a scene in the middle of a game. This video of three referees going at it during a fourth-grade basketball game in Colorado is wild.

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Referee Fight At Colorado Elementary School Basketball Game

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Having experienced the sports side from being on the field, floor, court, etc. to now experiencing it with my kids from the bleachers, I know that the kids' sports world can be a bit crazy at times.

While I don't recall a time while I was playing that a parent was being obnoxious to their child or someone else's child playing, I see some pretty aggressive behavior from the stands as a parent of student-athletes myself.

Even though the parents can get pretty rowdy sometimes, I've never seen any referees or officials get into anything more than a verbal confirmation during a game. Until now.

Colorado Basketball Referee Brawl Makes TMZ

Usually, these stories begin with "in Florida," but sadly, this one is staged here in Colorado. Lakewood, Colorado, hosted the fourth-grade Cheery Creek vs. Legend Blue basketball game this past weekend. While a match like that can be competitive, it wasn't the players causing this scene.

A trio of referees got into a verbal altercation that quickly turned physical. As seen in the video footage below, this ref brawl spilled out of control incredibly quickly, in front of a gym full of kids and their families no less.

TMZ Sports is reporting that they spoke with the Lakewood Police, who said that no arrests were made on-site because the men involved had left before they arrived. They also talked to the Gold Crown Foundation about the refs' statuses after the incident, who told them:

We have informed these independently contracted officials that they are suspended indefinitely from working for the Gold Crown Foundation. Most importantly we apologize to everyone that had to witness their unacceptable behavior - especially the kids. We look forward to getting our league back on track, and resuming what will be a great season for the kids.

Sports can be super competitive, but fourth-grade basketball? What could have possibly happened to have warranted this kind of response?

Imagine if the ref that threw Nikola Jokic out of the Nuggets game on Tuesday night had reacted like this? The world is getting crazier by the day, it seems.

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