This past weekend, the wind storm caused havoc across the Front Range. 

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The winds were comparable to hurricanes, with the highest gusts of wind reaching close to 100 mph. 

The highest wind gust in the state was 97 mph, which was recorded by NCAR Mesa Lab in Boulder. 

In Larimer County, the highest gust of wind measured in at a blistering 93 mph. 

Many Coloradans also experienced power outages caused by damaged lines. However, Xcel Energy also shut down power for 55,000 people as a precaution. However, over 100,000 other outages happened strictly because of the wind. 

However, some are still being left in the dark. 

Xcel Energy Still Has Not Resolved 35% of Power Outages

In a statement released today by Xcel Energy, they announced that they still are working to resolve 35% of the power outages in the greater Denver Metro Area. 

As a result, many schools in the area have been shut down for the day

Xcel has stated that they plan on resolving 90% of outages by the end of the day, but that estimate will still see many customers left in the dark in the next few days. 

What Other Damages Happened as a Result of the Wind Storm?

For one, the wind caused plenty of damage to homes, especially from falling trees. 

As many were aware, a red flag warning was issued due to the high winds and dry conditions over the weekend.

On Friday, two fires in Pueblo forced both evacuations and pre-evaluations. Fortunately, both were lifted the next day. 

Between Estes Park and Lyons, a fire broke out after a fallen tree made contact with an active electrical line. 

Fortunately, the fire was quickly contained to only one acre.

Even though homes were damaged and many are still without power, the outcome of this weekend’s windstorm could have been much worse.

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