As we’ve learned over the years, driving can sometimes be quite stressful here in Colorado. So much so, that it can cause some pretty gnarly road rage

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What doesn’t help is the sheer amount of speed demons we have in the state. 

It’s not uncommon to see people driving at extreme speeds here. People love testing the limits of what is legally allowed, sometimes to the danger of others. 

However, a man from Texas took it to another level when flying on a motorcycle on I25 in Colorado

Texas Man Arrested After Releasing Video of Him Driving 150 MPH on I25 in Colorado


That’s right, he drove 150 MPH on I25. But what makes this speed even more dangerous is the length of his joyride. 

According to CBS Colorado, a man from Texas named Rendon Dietzmann posted a video on YouTube of him going from Colorado Springs to Denver in 20 minutes. That’s right, 20 minutes.

In most cases, Coloradans complain about Texans driving too slow in the snow. In this case, it was clearly quite the opposite.

Anyone who has done that drive before knows it takes about an hour to go between the two cities. Getting there in 20 minutes requires some extremely reckless driving. 

The entire video, he weaves between cars all while driving at absolutely insane speeds. 

The original video was taken off YouTube, but Fox31 Denver archived it for a newscast. 

After the video was posted and spread like wildfire across social media, Colorado’s State Patrol sent out an arrest warrant and had worked along with Dallas police to get him into custody. 

Dietzmann was arrested on Tuesday, and has been in jail since Wednesday.

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