Colorado Parks and Wildlife are known for many things like conservation, protecting wildlife, and pretty much anything that has to do with the outdoors here in Colorado. But what about singing and songwriting? Yeah, we didn't expect it either, but Colorado Parks and Wildlife has dropped a song.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife sent out a news release regarding the song and its message about not feeding wildlife. While some may think it is a good idea to feed an animal that looks like it is hungry, you should never do so. Not only is it harmful for the animal, but it is also illegal.

Don't feed wildlife in Colorado

Feeding wildlife in Colorado is illegal because it risks the health and safety of Colorado's wildlife. The animals could become dependent on food from humans, or even worse, the animals could become sick and die from the food.

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Animals like Colorado's black bear are notorious for getting into trash cans, vehicles, and homes in search of food. Feeding big game like bears can make them feel like it is acceptable to go in search of human food and no longer be afraid of humans. That is a big safety issue for both bears and humans alike.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife put out two songs about not feeding wildlife in Colorado and you can see the first one below:

The second of the parody songs is a spin-off of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" and you can hear that song on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife news release at

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