We constantly hear about how certain areas of Colorado are unsafe. Here is a palate cleanser: one city in Northern Colorado has been named one of the safest cities across the entire country.

Only One Colorado City Named in Entire Ranking


The folks over at Visual Capitalist ranked the 100 safest cities in the country.

I was surprised to see that only one city made the list of the top 100. I respectively disagree with the ranking. There are a ton of cities not only in Northern Colorado but in all of Colorado that feel extremely safe.

Windsor Honored In a Huge Way

Pelican Lakes Resort & Golf
Pelican Lakes Resort & Golf

If you are considering moving to a new city for your family and ease of mind you might want to consider moving to Windsor, Colorado.

I may be biased, but I full-heartedly agree with this. I work in Windsor and spend nearly as much time in Windsor as I do at my home in Fort Collins.

I love Windsor.

Windsor is one of the few places that I would be comfortable with leaving my car unlocked if I had to run into a store. That says a lot because I am the type of person that always locks their car.

An example is that I accidentally left my trunk open when I went to work the other day. My trunk was open all day on Main Street.

Not one thing was taken.

I was pretty shocked because if that happened in Fort Collins I am sure my overpacked trunk would have been nearly empty when I would have returned.

The Statistics That Show That Windsor Is Safe


Visual Capitalist based this ranking on crime statistics. Windsor was named the 19th safest city to call home. 1 in 128 residents has a chance of being a victim of a crime and per 1,000 residents there is a total crime rate of 4.5.

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