The interesting murals that cover many of the walls at Denver International Airport have been a topic of conversation for years. But another unique art installation also catches the eyes (and ears) of travelers walking through DIA.

Created by artist Terry Allen, "Notre Denver" features two cast bronze gargoyles perched inside suitcases who watch over the east and west baggage claim areas in the Jeppesen Terminal. More than just statues, these two gargoyles are incredibly talkative and love to start random conversations with people passing by.

Denver International Airport
Denver International Airport

Historically, gargoyles were placed on buildings to protect the property. Denver International Airport's gargoyles sit slightly above travelers' heads to help ensure the safe arrival of baggage.

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One of the two bronze sculptures sits on the west side of the level 5 baggage claim area. The east side level 5 baggage claim sculpture is temporarily in storage due to ongoing construction in the Great Hall.

Denver International Airport
Denver International Airport

The gargoyles provide humor to stressed travelers, spitting out snarky comments like "That's a little too close for comfort, lady!" "What? You've never seen a talking gargoyle before?" and "Welcome to Illuminati Headquarters...I mean Denver International Airport." In fact, many of their silly statements actually embrace the conspiracy theories surrounding Colorado's largest airport, only adding more fuel to the fire for those who do believe.

Other times, the entertaining gargoyles will call out specific things about a person walking by, like their hat or shirt.

Along with giving travelers their two cents, the witty gargoyles provide people with smiles and plenty of laughs. Their mouths move while talking too, making it feel all the more realistic.

People's reactions to the chatty gargoyles are priceless. Some travelers stop to take videos, or even converse back with the sarcastic statues - but of course, the gargoyles always have something to say about that too.

Those who have interacted with the advanced, animatronic installations say it's a fun and clever way to break up a long trek.

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