The more and more I drive around Colorado, the more I see license plates on vehicles from the state of Texas. At one point in time, I swear I saw more Texas plates than I did Colorado plates.


It is no secret that Texans love the state of Colorado. So much in fact, they decided to move to the Centennial State. Sure. We see a lot of Texans. But how many are actually moving into the state of Colorado?

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You know that old saying that everything is bigger in Texas? Well, even when Texans leave the state, they do it in a big way. According to, nearly half a million Texans left the Lonestar State between the months of April 2020 to July 2022. Where did they all go?


While Colorado is a popular destination for Texans to relocate to, we were not the most popular state in the nation for Texan relocation. That spot went to the state of California. More than 33,000 Texans relocated to California in 2021.

How Many Texans Moved to Colorado?

Colorado took second place for Texans relocating to another state. Nearly seven percent of all Texans moving to another state came to Colorado. In 2021, Colorado saw 29,754 new residents from the state of Texas.

The State Texans Like the Least

The state with the least amount of Texas transplants was Vermont. Only 576 Texans chose to pack up their lives and move across the country to live in the state of Vermont. Wyoming was another state that Texans seemed to find undesirable. Wyoming's Texas transplant population in 2021 was 610.

To see the full list of the places that Texans moved to the most and least, see

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