Anytime my wife and I go on vacation anywhere, a must-do thing is to visit a local grocery store. A trip to London? Grocery store. A Trip to Florida? Grocery store. Every single time, without fail. I don't know when this became a thing for us, but it is second nature now.

Eataly Ribbon Cutting Ceremony And Grand Opening
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Why go to a grocery store on vacation?

The answer is quite simple, actually. I consider grocery stores to be a food museum of sorts. Grocery stores give you a good idea of how much food in a certain place costs and it is also a perfect opportunity to find unique, edible gifts that tourists may not think of getting on a trip to a new place.

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This type of thinking led us to find one of the best grocery stores in the world. While on vacation to Europe for the very first time, we went to a mega grocery store called Eataly in Rome, Italy. This grocery store is Italian food on steroids. Three levels of shopping, cooking classes, and restaurants were a bit of sensory overload, to say the least.

What is Eataly?

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The name of the grocery store is called Eataly and it was founded on an idea written on a scrap piece of paper by Oscar Farinetti in November 2022. Eataly opened its first location in Turin, Italy in 2007. Since the inception of the concept of the Italian grocery store, locations all over the world have been established.

What makes this grocery chain so special is the combination of the grocery store, the restaurants, and the cooking classes and events that take place all under one brand. When it comes to the grocery store aspect of Eataly, this is where I was blown away.

Eataly's Enormous Olive Oil Selection

Have you ever been to a large liquor store and browsed the wine section? There is a lot to choose from. Now replace the wine selection with olive oil. Bottles, jugs, and cans of olive oil in all shapes and sizes are on display and available for purchase at Eataly.

Eataly Ribbon Cutting Ceremony And Grand Opening
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Eataly's Pasta Options

Much like the olive oil selection, the pasta section is just as vast. Not all pasta is created equal and Italians know their pasta. Imagine how nice it would be to get authentic Italian pasta of any shape and size in the state of Colorado.

Eataly's Deli and Butcher Section

Salami, prosciutto, meats, and cheeses galore. Italian cuisine knows how to throw down when it comes to charcuterie and antipasto. In fact, the last Eataly we visited even had fresh house-made mozzarella samples. Yet another reason that Eataly would be a great addition to the state of Colorado.

Those are just three of the dozens of reasons I have as to why having an Eataly grocery store in the state of Colorado would be wonderful. I am hoping that in the coming years, the staff at Eataly will consider opening one of these fine grocery stores in our state.

Until then, you don't have to fly to Europe to get your Eataly fix as there are eight Eataly locations in the United States. The closest Eataly location for those of us in Colorado would be in Las Vegas. The Sin City Eataly is located inside Park MGM. Other Eataly locations can be found in New York City, Dallas, Texas, Chicago, Illinois, and Los Angeles, California.

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