When it comes to smarts, there can be a lot of determining factors. One person who may not be very book-smart could be pretty street-smart for example. While book-smart and street-smart are two different types of smart, most people tend to be smart or clever in one form or another.

There may not be a compiled list of those that have street-smarts, at least, not that we are aware of. However, there is a list of all 50 states that are ranked from smartest to dumbest according to roadsnacks.net. The factors for the smartest versus the dumbest states in the nation combine the percentages of adults with or without a high school diploma and those without a college degree.

Is Colorado Full of Dummies?

It is no secret that Colorado has some of the best schools and colleges in the western United States. With that in mind, you would certainly think that Colorado is full of a bunch of smart people, right?

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You would be correct. The list of the Dumbest States in America from roadsnacks.net doesn't even place Colorado in the bottom eighty percent of dumbest states.


Colorado students have a high rate of graduation in high school and those that do drop out of school only account for eight percent statewide. The percentage of Colorado students who seek and achieve higher education rank second in the nation at 44 percent. The only other state that is ranked better than Colorado in higher education is Massachusetts at 46 percent.

The dumbest state in the nation on the list is Nevada. With a high school dropout rate of 13 percent and a 26 percent rate of 26 percent of highly educated adults. See the full list of the dumbest states in the nation at roadsnacks.net.

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According to the website ProTeacher Community, even some professional teachers can't recall much about their elementary school years. One teacher, Daphne333 said, "I can't remember most of my elementary school career. Well, junior high either." Another teacher, PCSLackey, would prefer not to remember that era of their life. The shared, "I don't even remember all my teachers' names. I remember isolated events from elementary school - mostly either traumatic or encouraging in nature."

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