Since Deion Sanders became the Head Coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, Colorado sports have been in the spotlight. Yes, I am very well aware that the Buffs have an awful record.

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I am a Colorado State fan, but it is indisputable how fun it has been to watch the Buffaloes season. Celebrities such as the Rock, Lil Wayne, and legendary NFL great Michael Irvin have all visited the team. By the way, check out a full list below.

Deion Sanders Given Honorable Award

Sports Illustrated recently announced that Coach Sanders is 2023's Sportsperson of the Year.

Sanders has dominated the world of college sports. Again, I do not mean wins or loses. He has truly been the face of college football when it comes to pop culture. I spend a lot of my time watching sports talk shows. It seemed like every hour of every show mentioned Deion Sanders at least once.

I would groan watching it almost as much as the NFL's coverage of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

Deion Sanders is a fresh and exciting breath in the world of Colorado sports and I expect him to be here a long time.

Here is what SI said.

In less than a year, Coach Prime has not only transformed a moribund Colorado football program. He’s also breathed fresh life into the campus and transformed a community.

Coach Sanders Has Made the University of Colorado Boulder Lots of Money

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Money doesn't hurt. According to USA Today, Sanders will make $29.5 million over the next five years. Thus far, Sanders has made the university roughly $280 million.

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