Colorado's record rainfalls may be putting a damper on outdoor plans this summer, but beyond the clouds, there's a bright side to the stormy weather.

Thanks to the recent and heavy precipitation, Colorado's wildflower season is expected to be better than ever.

While many colorful wildflowers have already started to sprout throughout the Front Range, Coloradans can expect to see an even bigger burst in the High Country come mid-August.

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Wildflower peaks occur first in the southern part of the Centennial State and progress north. They also start at lower elevations and progress to higher locations as the summer goes on.

From purple lupines and Columbines to yarrows, goldenrods, and stunning yellow sunflowers, the variety of vibrant flora in the Rocky Mountain region ranges immensely.

Meg Macdonald/Unsplash
Meg Macdonald/Unsplash

Several other factors, such as spring's above-average snowpack and late snowmelt, have impacted this year's abundant wildflower season.

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