It might be a good time to pick up and do a deep clean for your home. I, like you, sometimes feel unmotivated to clean my home up. Life gets in the way and sometimes the feng shui of your home is not a major priority.

We all have a lot going on and having clean baseboards all hours of the day is not the most important thing in the world.

Wait a minute... Are we lazy? Are we slobs? Many of us here in Colorado and Wyoming might be.

Ranking Points Fingers At Messy Homes


A new ranking has concluded the cleanest and dirtiest homes in America.

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Now, Homeaglow did not inspect all of our homes and analyze the last time we cleaned our toilets, they surveyed across America to identify how much we cleaned up after ourselves. Here is what they found.

Wyoming Is Amongst the Messiest


Homes in Wyoming are the messiest in the nation. On average, a Wyoming resident will spend 6.2 days, 149 hours a year, and 25 minutes a day cleaning their home.

Wyoming residents spend the least time cleaning their homes than any other state in the nation. Colorado is not much better though...

Colorado Is Messy As Well


Colorado happens to be the 12th messiest state in the country. Residents in our area just do not get a thrill from dusting and vacuuming.

On average, Colorado residents spend half an hour of their day cleaning, 182.5 hours a year cleaning, and 7.6 days per year cleaning.

So Wyoming residents have messier homes, but not by much.

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