What is one phrase that you happen to hear quite often? Is it "Colorado has the worst drivers"? Chances are that when someone is saying this, they are usually from out of state.

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My personal opinion is that those that have out-of-state tags are by far the worst drivers on the roads of Colorado. Yep, I am looking directly at you Texas drivers. whether you find Colorado drivers to be the worst or not could be a matter of personal preference. In reality, Colorado drivers are not all that bad compared to other states. In fact, Colorado drivers sit pretty close to in the middle when it comes to bad driving.

Well, we're in the lower half of the middle, but that is still the middle nonetheless. Colorado ranked 19th when it comes to bad driving according to Forbes. Anything to stay out of the top ten for the worst... We'll take it.

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What States Have the Worst Drivers?

Remember when I called out Texas and their terrible drivers in Colorado? That is because they have the absolute worst drivers in the United States. Texas ranked in first place for fatal car accidents involving drowsy drivers and also fatal car accidents involving drivers on the wrong side of the road or going the opposite direction on a one-way street.

Other states with terrible drivers include Louisiana, Kansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky, New Mexico, Wyoming, Arizona, Montana, and South Carolina. I have driven through most of these states and can confirm, they are pretty terrible at driving. More information on the worst drivers by state can be found on Forbes.

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