More than 800 different types of insects can be found in Colorado. From creepy crawly spiders and slimy worms to intricate caterpillars and beautiful butterflies, the list of interesting bugs living in the Centennial State is full of variety.

Recently, a Colorado resident shared a photo on Facebook of a unique-looking insect she found in her backyard. Less than a week later, the post has been shared more than 900 times, with hundreds of others commenting on the insect's appearance.

Barber Pole Grasshopper.
Getty Images/iStockphoto

That's because the bug just so happens to be sporting Denver Broncos colors.

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Many people who saw the photo were curious as to what the blue and orange creature is called, as well as where it can be seen in Colorado.

The bug in question is known as a Barber Pole Grasshopper. Oftentimes referred to as Rainbow or Painted Grasshoppers, these multi-colored insects can range in hue, but all have ornate patterns along their bodies.

Barber Pole Grasshopper.
Getty Images/iStockphoto

In Colorado, this species of grasshopper is active from spring until about halfway through the fall. Because they are not able to fly, painted grasshoppers are typically seen in areas with lots of brush, grasslands, chaparral, prairies, and deserts with little vegetation.

On the Facebook post, residents noted that they have spotted these bugs in places such as the eastern plains, Cañon City, and the foothills of Loveland and Fort Collins.

These bugs are native to the western part of the continent and can be observed in several other states, including Montana and Texas.

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