Simon Kirke believes his bands Free and Bad Company both deserve to be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

The drummer lamented the groups’ exclusions during an appearance on the Bob Lefsetz Podcast.

“I think it's such a travesty. Quite honestly,” Kirke declared. “Free certainly should be [in the Hall] because Free has been around since 1968 and we've, the two bands, have been responsible for influencing a lot of bands who are already in the Hall. So I feel pretty bad about it... I think we should be in.”

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In addition to Free and Bad Company, Kirke argued that his former frontman should be inducted as a solo act.

“I think Paul Rodgers should be in on his own merits,” Kirke asserted. “I mean, as one of the great rock vocalists of all time. You know, if Eric Clapton and Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck can be inducted as solo artists, certainly Paul Rodgers should be in there.”

Paul Rodgers Claims to Have Turned Down the Hall of Fame

This isn’t the first time Free and Bad Company’s Hall merits have been dissected. Both bands – who have each sold millions of albums worldwide – regularly appear on Hall of Fame snubs lists.

Earlier this year, Rodgers revealed that he’d been approached regarding induction, but declined the opportunity.

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“Years and years ago, Ahmet Ertegun who was the head of Atlantic Records [and a co-founder of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame] said to me, ‘Paul, we’re making this museum of rock 'n' roll. Do you guys want to be part of it?’” Rodgers recalled to radio host Eddie Trunk. “And I said, ‘What, a museum of rock 'n' roll? What’s it called?’ He said, ‘The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.’”

“I don’t think rock 'n' roll belongs in a museum,” Rodgers responded, turning down Ertegun’s offer.

Neither Free nor Bad Company has ever received an official Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nomination.

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