Def Leppard has offered a glimpse into their creative process with a newly released rough mix of "Photograph," taken from their upcoming Pyromania 40 box set.

You can listen to the song below.

As its title suggests, "Photograph (Rough Mix Version)" features fewer of Mutt Lange's production tricks and has an unfinished lead vocal from Joe Elliott. Nevertheless, the punchy guitar riffs, soaring vocal harmonies and anthemic hooks that made the song a smash hit are all present.

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Details on Def Leppard's 'Pyromania 40'

Def Leppard will release Pyromania 40 on April 26. The reissue will be available as a four-CD/Blu-ray box, a one-LP half-speed master, two-LP black vinyl, two-LP colored vinyl, two-CD and digitally. The four-CD/Blu-ray box includes the remastered original album, a disc full of demos and outtakes, live footage from two different 1983 concerts, several official videos and an instrumental mix of the album. It's available to preorder on the band's website now.

"Pyromania is a really special album for obvious reasons," guitarist Phil Collen said in a statement. "It was the first time we all worked together with Mutt Lange, and I was able to play with my incredible friend Steve Clark, who was such a gifted and wonderful guitarist. I am incredibly proud of the album and what we collectively achieved."

Elliott added: "A labor of love and I loved every minute of it! Rediscovering dusty old cassettes which were brilliantly restored by Ronan [McHugh] and finding the long lost unfinished '11th track' was a journey only few of us are lucky enough to take ... what a trip!"

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