There are things people look forward to with a change of seasons. Snow melting and going to the lake. Pumpkin spice is everything and, eventually, all the sensory changes that go with Christmas. So why am I still feeling the heat from my Horsetooth reservoir sunburn and I seeing Christmas trees, reindeer, and gnomes in the store?


"Santa Better Get a T-shirt" is what CNN recently said. That's because retail stores are putting out Christmas items earlier and earlier every year.

Christmas trees were the last thing I expected to see as I visited the Costco in Timnath, Colorado on August 27th. August! Last week most of the state was breaking heat records and now, here comes Santa.

There are several stores that have already brought holiday items to the floor including Home Depot and Lowes.

According to CNN industry watchers said there are two possible reasons for this "Christmas in August" thing:

“One half is, they have sold through all their summer inventory, and they need to put something out on the floor...the other is that they have Christmas inventory they packed up and held from last year, so this is the inventory they have to put out."

Our world is moving so fast. It seems we are constantly pushed to move on to the next thing, never truly "living in the moment" like we know we should. Let's enjoy summer, then fall, then Christmas. Santa is welcome to wear a flannel and drive to the mountains to see the fall colors, but he's sitting in the back seat!

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