The Bracket season gets a hold of everything it seems, even choosing the best Colorado Craft Brewery!

It's time to vote for the Champion! Will you stay loyal to your city or loyal to your taste buds?

Verboten vs WeldWorks
Dave Jensen, Google Maps

Here's a bracket we can all get behind!

The gang at sent out a survey at the end of 2017 to all Colorado breweries asking which ones THEY thought were the best in the state.  They took the top 16 from that survey and launched their first Colorado Brewery List Brewery Madness bracket!

Fighting their way to the Championship, beating out 14 other breweries across the state, are Loveland's Verboten Brewing and Greeley's Weldwerks Brewing!

Not only is it great that two Northern Colorado breweries are going for the Championship, but they do both deserve the accolades! Which one will take it all?

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