According to the algorithms at, it's "cuffing season". What is cuffing season. Well, this is the time of the year when single people will cuff themselves to someone for a few months, but most of the relationships won't make it into the Spring. Theories run from, single people want to get through the sad winter months with someone to keep them warm. Some say its so you have someone for the multiple social outings associated with the next few months (i.e. company and family holiday parties, new years eve, etc.).

If you yourself are looking to "cuff", then you are in the right spot. Denver has been named one of the best cities with the most singles looking this winter. Here are best cities to find a temporary winter relationship:

1) Indianapolis

2) San Diego

3) Denver

4) Chicago

5) Memphis

6) Houston

7) San Antonio

8) Columbus, Ohio

9)Los Angeles


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