Social media users are having some fun documenting the fact that a digital sign on the southeast corner of Harmony and Lemay in Fort Collins reads 74 degrees, no matter if it's sunny, raining, below zero or even snowing.

As u/sinnister_bacon points out on a thread on Reddit, "The Wrong Temp Sign of FoCo is gaining popular appeal." And they couldn't be more right.

Friendly Nick's Butcher captured a hilarious pic of the sign last week as it was being pelted with snow during actual single digit temps.

Hilarious comments ranging from "they must be bragging about the lobby temperature" to a simple, "wishful thinking" have people cracking up and chiming in with their own quips about the busted sign.

It's been stuck on 74 degrees for an indeterminate amount of time, but at least since September, 2021 when this photo was taken by the Google street view car.

attachment-harmony and lemay 74 degrees

This isn't the first time the sign has failed either, apparently. After some bulbs were changed a while back, the sign incorrectly read 4:20 for weeks. The work of pranksters, maybe? Perhaps. But equally hilarious as the incorrect temp.

Fun fact: the first known time and temp sign was created and installed at the Seattle First National Bank in the early 50s. Since then, the trend has obviously become a popular one as thousands - maybe hundreds of thousands or more - have popped up all around the United States.

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