Forget "Punxsutawney Phil". Jeep owners can tell you when Spring is here. We can tell you when winter is here. It happens the moment we put the key in the ignition and turn the key. It's the dang low tire indicator on the Jeep Wrangler!

Every year around October, or when the daytime high's are below 55 degrees, I am reminded that cold weather is here and here to stay. The tone pings a couple of times, then the yellow low tire icon appears (with an exclamation point!) and then the words "low tire" scroll on the dash. And every year I take the customary walk around the car just to make sure that all tires are inflated. They are. Every time. Thus begins the journey into winter and endless low tire warnings.

Many Wrangler owners I know suffer the same indignity. However, we all share something in common: all the Wranglers are at least 6 years old and have custom tires and rims. I do not know if Wrangler owners with the tires and rims that came with the car have this issue. I hope for their sake that they do not.

After the first week or so when the indicator is going off, I do get a little used to it. But by this time of year, right now, I am so looking forward to it disappearing. When it goes away, I'll know that it's warm outside, the car will know that it's warm outside, and we all know that summer is here. My low tire indicator is giving me high expectations that those days are coming soon.

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